Real Time Feedback for Property Management

Managing a commercial property can be difficult. Since most property management companies do not office in the buildings that they manage, effectively deploying maintenance personnel to fix issues reported by tenants is a balancing act. Management technology in the commercial real estate industry has not changed very much in the last 20 years. Tenants still submit their issues by calling the management office or sending in emails. Furthermore, communicating the actual issue can be challenging since most tenants don’t know how to properly detail the issue nor can they easily include pictures of what needs to be addressed.
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A Problem-Free Environment

According to CCIM Institute, tenants want a problem-free environment. But if problems do happen, they want them resolved quickly.

Three maintenance and operations complaints dominate: heating/ventilation/air conditioning, cleanliness, and elevators.

Furthermore, the speed and efficiency of how problems are addressed is one of the key factors that tenants consider when renewing their lease.

Real Time Feedback will enable your tenants and visitors to quickly and easily relay issues so that you can address them as they happen.

See below for some examples of Feedback that can help your management team with maintenance ticket resolution.

Example Feedbacks

I locked myself out of my office. Can someone let me into Suite 311?

The dumpster outside is overflowing and someone left a bunch of office furniture next to it.

The men’s restroom is out of soap and paper towels & the urinal is overflowing.

Michael, the front desk security, is really rude and always gives me dirty looks.

The “down” button on the 8th floor does not light up when pressed.

Someone is parked in my reserved parking spot.

There is no hot water in the kitchen of Suite 508.

The lights on the outside of the building are not working.

Employees can use Real Time Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

We are almost out of Virex and paper towels. Please order some ASAP.

I think that Mike, the maintenance guy, is smoking pot on his break.

How Real Time Feedback Works for Property Management