Real Time Feedback for Restaurants

A restaurant’s success or failure can oftentimes be dictated solely based on its online reviews. Trigger-happy patrons will give you a one-star review simply for making them wait 5 minutes too long for their table. Although other factors can influence a bad review, most issues can and should be handled while the guest is still on site. Today’s tech-savvy diners are intimidated by face-to-face confrontation and would rather complain online than call over a manager.

Real Time Feedback helps solve both problems of delivering private Feedback in real time and allowing diners to express their opinion without the awkward “Can I speak to a manager” request.

Do you know your company’s Reputation Score?

A Few Interesting Facts

A recent study by the Huffington Post shows that every half-star increase rating on Yelp equates to 19% more reservations.

According to


of customers read online reviews about restaurants before dining


of them make decision solely based on online reviews


of 18-34 year-olds base their decision on online reviews

According to Service America:


of consumers will give a business another chance if their issue is resolved


If the issue is resolved quickly, that number goes up to

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Example Feedbacks

Your new menu has great dishes but can you bring the truffle fries back?

The front door host is not very personable. She never smiles.

The men’s restroom is out of paper towels and sanitizing gel.

I just got my take-out order and missing plastic-ware and salad dressing.

The music is really loud in here. It is hard to have a conversation.

Our server Susan did an incredible job! She really knows your menu.

The table-side Caesar presentation was great and the salad even better.

We have been waiting for over 10 minutes to get the check.

Employees can use Real Time Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

We need to order some my vinyl gloves for the kitchen.

Cindy never helps the other servers. She walks by tables that ask for help.

How Real Time Feedback Works for Restaurants