Your customers have something to tell you. What processes do you have in place so that they can relay information quickly and easily? With so many consumers airing their grievances publicly online, businesses are put in the position of having to satisfy the customer just to neutralize the negative post…usually after damage to the business’s reputation has already been done. Real Time Feedback allows businesses to arm their customers with a simple, yet highly effective tool to communicate any issues that the owner and managers need to be aware of.

Customers want to have a positive relationship with every business that they interact with. However, with the overall decline in customer service skills of the workforce, taking care of customers is becoming increasingly difficult.

QR (Quick Recruit) Hiring Form

Everyone needs more employees and candidates are much more likely to apply using a QR code.

Managers can immediately respond and interview the applicate while on site.

Lost & Found Module

Employees can easily log and track found items in the management portal.

AutoPilot SMS

Customers can receive a text asking for a simple 1-5 rating after paying their check/bill

If the customer rates their experience 5-Stars, they are immediately directed to Google Reviews to complete their review.

Using Real Time Feedback at your restaurants can INCREASE your volume of 5-Star Google Reivews & dramatically REDUCE negative reviews.

Masked Calling

Managers can make calls from their personal cell phones using the “Masked Call” feature

The manager’s cell phone number will not be shown.

If the customer calls the masked number back, it will still connect them with the manager.

Convert Inbound Call Center Communications

Your call center can now convert customer Phone Calls and Emails that require a store manager’s attention into Feedbacks that are instantly sent to the manager.

Managers immediately respond to the customer using the Real Time Feedback Platform.


calls or emails
with issue or concern


Call center records Feedback entering customer details, a specific department, and a preferred response method


Manager gets a notification immediately on the Real Time Feedback app to handle new internal Feedback submission

Customizable Home Page


Dining & Drinks

Special Offers

Spa Treatment

Things To Do

Special Functions

Message The Manager

Improve reputation, increase loyalty, and receive better online reviews

94% avoided a business due to a negative online review

68% would be willing to pay more if they had a better customer experience or interaction with business staff

78% trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation

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We have been running the system for only a brief time here at Johnson Brothers and it has quickly become an essential part of our daily operations. Whether we are talking about its ease of use or the amazing support we have received, this system is simply amazing!!!

TJ Vollmer

Service Manager, Quick Lane at Johnson Brothers Ford Lincoln