Feedback for Dealerships

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Car dealerships have one of the toughest jobs when it comes to consumer perception. According to a Forbes article, nearly one third of car buyers are not satisfied with their car purchase. That’s a lot of people considering that a car purchase is the second largest purchase people make.

The internet is riddled with websites such as specifically targeted at exposing dealerships and publishing horror stories. Furthermore, being that most dealerships also repair cars, the service side of the dealership is an entirely other problem for customer complaints. Needless to say, dealerships spend a lot of money on reputation management.

Keep Customer Issues Private

If customers had a Feedback tool to relay their concerns about the car buying and service experience, less of these stories would make it online. Feedback helps dealerships keep customer issues private.

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Example Feedbacks

Employees can use Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

How Feedback Works for Dealerships

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