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What is Real Time Feedback?

Ultimate Customer Engagement Tool

Real Time Feedback allows your customers to easily and privately communicate with business management in real-time – that is, when they are experiencing your business, and not after they leave.

Data Driving Change

When you make it super simple for customers to communicate with you, they will let you know where things are going well, and where you’re falling short. They have so much to share with you – why not make it as easy as possible?

Customer Retention Powerhouse

Real Time Feedback helps turn negative experiences into positive interactions and reviews. Customers reward a business when they are listened to.

Do you know your company’s Reputation Score?

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Keep a Real-Time Pulse on CX

Hear Your Customers in Real-Time

Real Time Feedback provides a simple, non-confrontational way to solicit concerns and compliments from your customers before they leave with a bad taste in their mouth. They give you Feedback. You respond and address the issue. Everyone is happy.

Negative reviews hurt. But for every customer who bothers to complain in person, 26 other customers remain silent and never come back. Even worse, they post negative reviews online, leaving you with less business and little recourse. That hurts even more.

Register for Real Time Feedback and help your customers constructively complain today.

Get Back in the Driver’s Seat

Would you be able to drive a car well without being able to see any of the gauges? And what if you weren’t even able to sit in the driver’s seat, and had to operate the car from a distance? If a rattling sound was under the hood, would you ever hear it? If it was low on oil and the engine was minutes away from ceasing, would you have a clue? In other words, how can you drive a car without real time feedback? This is essentially what a business without a real-time, instant customer feedback loop is attempting to do.
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Traditional customer feedback programs rely on paper or online surveys, that are often processed and aggregated weeks later, after being filled out by particularly willing customers. When the results finally make it up the chain, the customer is already upset and has moved on, and the results are given to people who are not in a position to address the situation anyway.

Empower your customers so that they can help you help them, and get back in the driver’s seat.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers – One Scathing Review

That’s all it takes to tarnish your business’ reputation online. Because even one negative review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp can stick out like a sore thumb, even among hundreds of positive ones. Plus, once they’re up, they’re almost impossible to remove (regardless if the complaint is legitimate or not) and can show up when people search your business even years later. To make matters worse, your best customers rarely leave reviews. They’re happy to patronize your business, week after week, and never think twice about posting online.

The sad truth is, negative word of mouth travels twice as far as praise for great service. And as a business, that leaves you at risk. That changes with Feedback.

What our clients say

“Their product is simple to use and very reasonably priced. We love it.”

Theo Hodges

Sr. VP, Ticket Sales & Service, Dallas Mavericks

“We needed a solution set up under a quick deadline, and within days they delivered a customized ready-to-use system. Their professionalism and attention to detail is world-class.”

Matt Keller

Director, Information Technology, Dallas Stars

“We have very high standards and we’ve been blown away with how consistently they go above and beyond our expectations.”

Gina Chapa

VP of Guest Experience, American Airlines Center

“Our guests and staff praised the system for being straightforward and easy to use. Kfir and Adam provided unparalleled customer service throughout the implementation and service of our account.”

David Chadwell

Bridgestone Arena, Vice President, Event Operations

“The Feedback customer engagement tool is a powerful way to keep a finger on the pulse of the customer experience. Highly recommended.”

Derek Smith

Nationwide Arena, Associate General Manager

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