Real Time Feedback for Any Business

Your customers have something to tell you. What processes do you have in place so that they can relay information quickly and easily? With so many consumers airing their grievances publicly online, businesses are put in the position of having to satisfy the customer just to neutralize the negative post…usually after damage to the business’s reputation has already been done. Real Time Feedback allows businesses to arm their customers with a simple, yet highly effective tool to communicate any issues that the owner and managers need to be aware of.

Customers want to have a positive relationship with every business that they interact with. However, with the overall decline in customer service skills of the workforce, taking care of customers is becoming increasingly difficult.

Do you know your company’s Reputation Score?

The Digital Communication Phenomenon

The digital communication phenomenon has not only limited the ability of people to effectively communicate face-to-face, but has also hampered the abilities of millennial employees from reading the facial cues of unhappy customers.

Giving the voice of the customer a clean line of communication with your managers will enable addressing their concerns quickly. Addressing concerns on the spot, before the customer leaves your place of business, helps strengthen their loyalty, and will help prevent them from broadcasting their grievances online for the whole world to see.

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Example Feedbacks


There is no host and people are backed up through the door and standing outside.


The hot water isn’t working in 1608 and the remote is broken.


There are more than 10 people in line and only one register is open.


The dumpsters are overfilled near Bldg 12 and there is trash everywhere.

Grocery Stores

A lot of Dannon yogurts are expired in the dairy section.

Stadiums & Arenas

There’s a drunk fan in Sect 2, Row 4, Seat 21 that’s cursing and spilling beer.

Auto Dealerships

I have been waiting for over 2 hours for an oil change when I was told 45 minutes.

Gas Stations

The LCD screen is cracked on pump 12 and it won’t take my credit card.

Employees can use Real Time Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

We need more disinfecting supplies in the employee breakroom.

Cindy in customer service is always on her phone and never helps customers.

How Real Time Feedback Works for Any Business