Real Time Feedback for Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Gas stations and convenience stores usually operate 24/7. Managing an around-the-clock operation can be difficult, especially hiring and retaining employees that care about your business. Real Time Feedback offers a quick and easy way for customers to alert you and your staff about issues that arise allowing you to quickly resolve the issues before they affect the bottom line. Furthermore, keeping a clean, safe, and welcoming facility helps generate positive online reviews.
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Example Feedbacks

The screen on pump 3 is hard to read because it is all scratched up.

You’re out of dark roast coffee and there’s creamer all over the counter.

The men’s restroom is out of soap and the urinal is always running.

There are 2 groups of sketchy looking people on the side of the building.

Someone drove off with the #8 pump and gas is leaking all over the place.

I just bought 2 hot dogs and they’re really stale and old.

I bought 2 Red Bulls and the cashier took my money without ringing them up.

I just put money in the tire air pump and the machine did not turn on.

Employees can use Real Time Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

We are almost out of Virex and paper towels. Please order some ASAP.

Brian has friends come by late at night and hang out in the store.

How Real Time Feedback Works for Gas Stations & Convenience Stores