Real Time Feedback for Universities

Although colleges and universities are centers for higher learning, they are still very much a business that generates revenues based on their customers’ (students’) experience and public perception. Managing a campus can be difficult, especially since it’s a 24/7 effort. Real Time Feedback offers a quick and easy way for students, faculty, and visitors to alert you and your staff about issues that arise allowing you to quickly resolve the issues before they escalate. Furthermore, with the growing popularity of online schools, keeping a safe, clean and welcoming campus is crucial to your continued success and growth.

According to a 2020 satisfaction analysis, 55% of enrolled students in private universities (46% for public) stated the experience they received at their institution was not worth the investment. With so many other options available to students, universities cannot continue to survive on those low satisfaction metrics.

Do you know your company’s Reputation Score?

Empower Your Students

Real Time Feedback can empower your students, visitors, and faculty to help make you aware of issues in real time so that you can address them immediately. The overall campus experience will improve when people on campus become your eyes and ears and have a direct line of communication with your administration.

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Example Feedbacks

I wanted to let you know that someone got hurt during pledge week last night!

The last few times I’ve eaten at “Fresh Cafe” the chicken was undercooked.

The upstairs A/C in the freshman dorm building 2 is always going out.

Wendy, the bookstore cashier, is always on her phone instead of helping customers.

Prof. Richards (Art History) sometimes makes insensitive comments about women.

Seat 15 in the lecture hall of the business school is broken and isn’t safe.

There’s a suspicious, blue Honda Accord driving around the parking lot.

I am handicapped and someone keeps parking in my space without a permit.

Employees can use Real Time Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

There is a large water leak from one of the sprinklers near Foundation Hall.

The teachers’ break room in the Art School has a broken coffee pot.

How Real Time Feedback Works for Universities