Real Time Feedback for Stadiums & Arenas

Managing a large crowd at any venue takes lots of experience, coordination, knowledgeable staff, and most importantly, great communication. There are many concerns that venue operators have to handle. From security to rowdy/inebriated visitors to crowd control to facility cleanliness to food and beverage quality, it all impacts the guest experience.

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Your Eyes and Ears

Let your venue’s guests be your eyes and ears alerting you of issues as they unfold. Use Real Time Feedback to arm guests with a real-time communication tool that can alert your staff about belligerent guests, poor food quality, dirty facilities, and even security issues. Feedbacks can be routed to a central dispatch team that will coordinate the distribution of the information to the appropriate parties at your venue so that issues can be addressed as they unfold.

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Case Study Video for
American Airlines Center

Example Feedbacks

The men’s restroom by Sect 92 is out of soap and a urinal is overflowing.

My sister needs handicap seating. Where do we go?

The usher Amanda was very helpful. She helped my grandma to her seat.

Someone left a backpack in the hallway next to the Budweiser Lounge.

The arm of the chair next to me is broken and a sharp piece is sticking out.

Someone spilled beer all over my seat. Can someone come clean it up?

The Coke I got at the concession stand is flat and tastes really wierd.

The “down” elevator button outside Sect. 308 doesn’t work.

Employees can use Real Time Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

This is Mike the usher in section 112. The fire extinguisher is leaking.

Harry, security for section 308, was smoking pot before his shift.

How Real Time Feedback Works for Stadiums & Arenas