Feedback for Retail Stores

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Brick-and-mortar businesses are currently going through a transformation. There is no doubt that the internet has severely affected millions of businesses. Customers need a reason to come to your place of business rather than shop online in the comfort of their home. According to a recent study, the shopping experience is the number one reason that customers prefer brick-and-mortar over online shopping. That’s why it is increasingly important to make the customer’s shopping experience the best that it can possibly be.

According to a Gallup study, Millennials are the least engaged generation in the workforce. You’ve seen in first hand, you walk into a store and see employees speaking among themselves without any thought of addressing a customer. Even worse, some of them are glued to their phones scrolling through social media. How do you ensure that your employees are not only engaging with your customers but also taking care of the duties to maintain your store’s appearance?

Empower Your Customers

Feedback can empower your customers to help make you aware of issues in real time so that you can address them immediately. Your employees will do a better job knowing that your customers have a direct line of communication to you and your managers and will report any issues with their experience.

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Example Feedbacks

Employees can use Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous:

How Feedback Works for Retail Stores

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