Real Time Feedback for Parks & Recreation

How well do you listen to the voice of your community? The Real Time Feedback platform is an intuitive and efficient tool to listen and respond to those you serve. Your residents and visitors don’t want to download yet another app, set up an account to report an issue, or complete a survey! With Real Time Feedback users can act in a matter of seconds by simply scanning a QR code, and staff can respond in real-time to acknowledge input or request additional information.

Do you know your company’s Reputation Score?

Versatile & Useful for a Wide Variety of Community Needs

Our flexible system is ideal for program participation feedback, facility satisfaction ratings, issue reporting, expressing appreciation, collecting input on master plans, ordering food on the golf course, and much more! Easily create and manage numerous custom-branded, location-specific QR codes with the functionality you need. Real Time Feedback is easily routed and tracked through a web-based dashboard and intuitive mobile app.

Your residents and visitors want to tell you something.
Are you ready to listen and respond?

Watch the Real Time Feedback for Parks & Rec Explainer Video

Example Feedbacks

The flower gardens at Memorial Park are stunning right now. Someone should showcase these on the city’s social media!
Found some car keys on hole 18 near the golf course bathrooms.
I’m shooting hoops with my son right now at Lot 5 and the lights just went out.
There’s a bunch of broken glass at the Pavilion near our picnic area and lots of children. Can someone swing by to remove it?
I vote CityDesign#4 for the new playground and YES for the new cultural arts center.
This summer’s kid camp was awesome. I just submitted a glowing review!
Can the Rec Center add more Yoga classes in the evenings?
The ladies’ restrooms by the RV campground are out of toilet paper.

Employees can use Real Time Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

This is Jim from Grounds. There’s black ice in the left lot by tennis courts.

I saw Bob, one of our park rangers, really going above and beyond while cleaning up after the storm.

How Real Time Feedback Works for Parks & Recreation