Feedback for Multifamily Residences

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Your residents are picky. With the rapid growth of the multi-family industry, renters have more options than ever before. First impressions of your property make all the difference. Residents want to be able to instantly communicate with the leasing office, security, maintenance and other personnel. Although most property management systems have some sort of facilities maintenance ticketing system, they are generally limited to only the residents unit and are not intended to resolve issues with the entire property. Furthermore, most of these systems are intended to be used by the residents and not visitors.

Connect with Management in Real-Time

According to Multifamily Executive, 8 of the top 10 complaints by multifamily residents are issues that could be solved if residents had a quick feedback loop with management:

  • Rental rates
  • Poor grounds/common area upkeep
  • Disorganized staff/lack of communication with staff
  • Quality of response to maintenance requests
  • Overall customer service of management staff
  • Quality of parking/parking availability
  • Concerns over security/safety/lighting
  • Lack of upgraded amenities
  • Pets not on leash/poor pet waste removal
  • General lack of preventative maintenance

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Example Feedbacks

Employees can use Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

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