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Looking to leverage your high-level network? Do you have automotive connections you’re currently visiting? Car dealerships often struggle with customer awareness, and thousands of dollars are spent each year to keep their reputation above reproach.

Real Time Feedback is the pinnacle of engagement software, reducing negative online reviews and increasing 5-Star volume. Being a distributor is simple: you make the introductions igniting the engine. Our team will design the presentations, shift the gears, and close. All your contacts opting for the platform will yield you lifetime commission, no strings attached. Become a Real Time Feedback distributor today, and start generating reoccurring monthly revenue.

Real Time Feedback for Dealerships

Car dealerships have one of the toughest jobs when it comes to consumer perception. According to a Forbes article, nearly one-third of car buyers are not satisfied with their car purchases. That’s a lot of people considering that a car purchase is the second-largest purchase people make.

The internet is riddled with websites such as DealerRater.com specifically targeted at exposing dealerships and publishing horror stories. Furthermore, being that most dealerships also repair cars, the service side of the dealership is an entirely other problem for customer complaints. Needless to say, dealerships spend a lot of money on reputation management.

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Example Feedbacks

Beth was great. She took the time to explain which repairs I really needed.
I’ve been waiting at the parts counter and no one is here to help.
The men’s restroom is out of paper towels and sanitizing gel.
The coffee machine in the waiting room is leaking water.
I’ve been waiting on an oil change for over 2 hours when I was told 60 mins.
Your salesperson Paul is really shady. He keeps changing the price of the car.
I just picked up my car and there are oily footprints all over the floor mats.
I just picked up my truck and it is making a lot of weird noises.

Employees can use Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

The employee breakroom locker #126 has a broken handle.

Harry is buying used cars from clients and selling them on the side.

How Feedback Works for Dealerships