Real Time Feedback for Medical Offices

A medical facility’s success or failure can oftentimes be dictated solely based on its online reviews. Trigger-happy patrons will give you a one-star review simply for making them wait 5 minutes too long to see their physician.

Although other factors can influence a bad review, most issues can and should be handled while the patient is still on-site.

Today’s tech-savvy patients are intimidated by face-to-face confrontation and would rather complain online than handle the issue while in your office.

Real Time Feedback helps solve both problems by delivering private feedback in real time and allowing patients to express their opinion without the awkward “I need to speak with whoever is in charge” request.

Do you know your company’s Reputation Score?

Example Feedbacks

The men’s restroom is out of soap and the urinal is constantly running.

The coffee machine in the hallway is leaking all over the counter.

Someone parked a Corvette in the handicap parking spot.

Thank you for really making my visit comfortable. I was really nervous!

I have been waiting in the exam room for over 30 minutes.

Are masks required the entire time I am in the building?

You should get some more recent magazines in the waiting room.

How often do you sanitize your office? It doesn’t look very clean.

Employees can use Real Time Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

We are almost out of Virex and paper towels. Please order some ASAP.

Cindy, the new PA, is not very friendly with the patients and should be retrained.

How Real Time Feedback Works for Medical Offices