Mariana Tek Testimonial Transcript

Body Alive
Shannon Jennings – Marketing and Operations Manager

NEON Cycle + Strength
Sara Underwood – Owner

Duration – 1:25

Shannon: The specific challenges that we were facing at body alive before we implemented Real Time Feedback is that we did not know exactly how our customers felt about their relationship with us.

Sara: Our studio was struggling to produce enough five-star reviews to outperform our competitors. So, when members canceled their memberships, we were always stuck wondering why.

Since the launch of Real Time Feedback, operations have only improved. Members have been able to voice their opinions to our staff directly and in real time. We’ve been able to make immediate shifts in our day-to-day operations and create a better experience and increase member attention.

Shannon: It is building up our SEO online. It is building up the amount of reviews that we have and it also is bringing in more customers. What we found is that our members now Have a better experience because they are able to communicate with us via the Real Time Feedback rather than waiting an hour or two for our customer service department to reach back out to them. It’s been a great change.

Sara: I didn’t think we would get the results we have so far. I mean, we have a perfect five-star rating on Google and our classes are always filled. I didn’t think that we could have achieved that without the help of Real Time Feedback.