How Feedback Works

Register your business with Feedback.
Let your customers know that they can now send your Managers instant Feedback during their visit to your establishment and receive an immediate response.
Your customers will utilize Feedback to let you know about their experience with your business in real time.
Your designated employees will receive instant notifications when Feedback is sent by your customers.
Your employees can now respond to your customer via the chat feature in the app, by calling the customer, and also by email.

Any issues can now be solved in real-time before your customers leave your business unhappy.


Get instant notifications when a customer leaves feedback

  • Control which employees receive notifications, and when
  • Customize notifications for either app push notifications or email (or both)
  • Add internal notes to a feedback only other employees can see

Directly reach out to those customers to address the issue while it’s happening

  • Communicate with customers who left feedback via chat, phone call, or email
  • Clarify where you may have gone wrong, and what can be done to fix it
  • Prevent a negative review by intervening to go above and beyond

Use customer feedback to improve your business

  • View the details of each feedback submitted, including uploaded photos or videos
  • Search and review previous feedback to discover where improvements to your service can be made
  • Learn more about the customers leaving you feedback and how you should interact with them in the future

Hear from your customers. Improve their experience. Protect your reputation.

How Feedback Works

Ways Businesses Can Inform Customers About Feedback

Hand Out Informational Cards

Place Information in Various Places

Store Signage

Counter Displays

Example Feedbacks

Watch the Feedback Explainer Video

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