Real Time Feedback for Grocery Stores

The competition among grocery stores is ever-increasing. Ever since Amazon purchased Whole Foods along the rise of app-based and online ordering platforms, grocery stores are frantically trying to keep customers. Variety, inventory levels, cleanliness and customer service all play a significant role in customer retention. With self-checkout kiosks popping up in more and more locations, customer engagement with employees is becoming less frequent as the number of employees needed at such stores dwindles. How do you ensure that your customers’ needs are being met and their voices heard?
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Directly Interact with Management

Real Time Feedback gives your customers the ability to directly interact with your management staff to alert them about issues in the store. Customers can let you know about inventory levels, quality of your produce, unengaged employees, spills in the aisles, carts in the parking lot, and dirty facilities. Now you can react to your customers’ needs in real-time and help give them a stellar shopping experience.

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Example Feedbacks

The men’s restroom is out of paper towels and sanitizing gel.

The strawberries are moldy. Do you have any fresh ones in stock?
I am looking for Post Raisin Bran cereal. It is out of stock on the shelf.
There are only 2 registers open and the lines are very long.
Michael in the deli did an incredible job putting together a meat platter.
There are shopping carts all over the parking lot and none in the front.
Someone spilled white rice all over aisle 6 and it’s hard for carts to get through!
I am at the customer service desk and no one is here to help.

Employees can use Real Time Feedback to alert management of issues and even remain anonymous

The employee breakroom locker #126 has a broken handle.

I heard Cindy the cashier ask another employee to clock her in early.

How Real Time Feedback Works for Grocery Stores