Gold’s Gym Testimonial Transcript

Gold’s Gym
Smithtown, NY
Gina Barnett – Social Media & Marketing Manager

Duration – 1:51


It’s great, I love the platform. I think it’s terrific. I like being able to answer customers, and I like that they can kind of go back and forth with us if they want to.

My name is Gina Barnett. I work for Gold’s Gym in Smithtown.

How was your member engagement before Real Time Feedback?

People did engage with us, but not on a regular basis. Once we had Real Time Feedback, our engagement shot up and our reviews shot up, everything went up. I feel like because we engage with each and every person, even if they’re unhappy, I think they end up feeling good about that.

How has Real Time Feedback improved your online reputation and reviews?

I’m going to say before we had you guys, we had about 40-ish reviews since we took over the gym and our rating was, I think, about 4.1. Our rating now is 4.6 star, which is great. And once we started with you, we had 97 more reviews on Google, which is great because we were just getting, you know, sporadic reviews, definitely not great reviews. And now we get way better reviews and a lot more of them. So, I think that’s fantastic.

What would you say to gyms considering Real Time Feedback?

I would say if a business is considering using Real Time [Feedback], they should consider it strongly because it is an easy platform to use, it gives a lot of great data. It’s in real time, which not everything is, which is nice. You could do it at your own pace. You can answer things when you want. It’s a great, I love the platform. I think it’s terrific.