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Our clients have spent years taking strategic risk, modernizing business operations, and integrating new technologies to deliver world-class customer experiences. To stay above reproach, these investments command a radicalized level of staff and customer communication as well as a high degree of streamlined processes.

Real Time Feedback carries more than 5 years of global customer service experience to every partnership. Our crew of customer service experts enable our clients with clear channels through a private platform to enhance the journey and bolster brand loyalty. Our clients dream big, and they have lofty aspirations. We are trusted to disrupt current technology that impedes progress and transform experiences that are worth repeating. From billion-dollar organizations to small start-ups, Real Time Feedback has developed and established the customer engagement software of the future for a plethora of successful businesses.

Our Clients Include

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Real Time Feedback helps solve both problems of delivering private feedback in real-time and allowing diners to express their opinion without the awkward “Can I speak to a manager” request.

Retail Stores

How do you ensure that your employees are not only engaging with your customers but also taking care of the duties to maintain your store’s appearance?

Grocery Stores

Competition among grocery stores is ever-increasing. Variety, inventory levels, cleanliness and customer service all play a significant role in customer retention.


Car dealerships have one of the toughest jobs when it comes to consumer perception and consistently spend tons of money on reputation management.


Since the advent of the internet, hotels were immediately one of the first industries to be rated by consumers, who love to air their grievances online for the world to see.


Your residents are picky. With the rapid growth of the multi-family industry, renters have more options than ever before. First impressions of your property make all the difference.

Stadiums & Arenas

Managing a large crowd at any venue takes lots of experience, coordination, knowledgeable staff, and most importantly, great communication to ensure an amazing experience.

Property Management

Managing a commercial property can be difficult and effectively deploying maintenance personnel to fix issues reported by tenants is a constant balancing act.

Medical Facilities

A medical facility’s success or failure can be dictated solely based on online reviews. Patients will give you a one-star review simply for making them wait 5 minutes too long.

Gas Stations & Convenience

Gas stations & convenience stores often operate 24/7. Managing an around-the-clock operation can be difficult, as is hiring and retaining employees that care about your business.


Although colleges and universities are centers for higher learning, they are still very much a business that generates revenues based on their students’ experiences.

Parks & Recreation

Overseeing and maintaining every parks and rec location in a city can be overwhelming. Layer the difficulty of staffing during these times on top, and it can feel insurmountable.

Gyms & Fitness

The lifeblood of a fitness facility is its member base. Unhappy members are quick to share their dissatisfaction on Google or Yelp, affecting decisions of potential future members.

Any Business

Customers want to have a positive experience with busineses that they interact with. With the decline in customer service skills, taking care of customers is a challenge.