American Airlines Center Testimonial Transcript

American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX
Gina Chapa – VP of Guest Experience

Duration – 4:04


My name is Gina Chapa. I am vice president of guest experience at American Airline Center.

How did you manage guest Feedback before Real Time Feedback

So, it was a short code text messaging system. We just didn’t have a lot of usage out of it. I think we got maybe 20 messages a year, whereas now we get 30, 40, 50, up to a hundred messages a night. So the increase in volume speaks for itself in terms of the ease of the program and the platform and how Feedback works. Everything now gets directed to, so it’s the main hub for all Feedback that we get. So every other Avenue that we used to have we don’t need it anymore because this one is so useful and successful.

Did guests appreciate the new channel to message AAC?

Yes, definitely! I think the biggest selling point of it is that it’s immediate Feedback. It’s immediate response to the Feedback. So, you send it in, you get a response, and it’s not an automatic response. It’s an actual person that’s responding to it. And even if we say, ‘thank you for the Feedback, we can’t address this tonight,’ at least they know we know about it and we will do something about it.

What was the reason for the initial hesitation, if any?

Just something new. Something different, but there really wasn’t that much of a hesitation. It was kind of like, let’s try this and see how it works. And it actually, exceeded our expectations for sure.

How did Real Time Feedback change how AAC handles guests complaints?

That is a really good question. And that for me personally is a big deal because the complaints come to me. If there’s like a guest complaint, I would have to spend the next two days doing research just to be able to give an answer to a guest as to what happened. So, [now] we can find out what happened and respond and make it better for them in the moment. Which makes all the difference in the world.

Has Real Time Feedback saved you time?

Definitely, it’s a time saver. Because like I said, we can take care of things right then and there. So, it’s not only saving me time, but it’s just more efficient. And it’s a better guest experience. Just a much better guest experience. That they know somebody’s listening to them and responding.

So, I mean it’s things like um, ‘we want four boxes of popcorn.’ And they just respond ‘on the way.’ So there’s not that lag time of sending somebody to the suite, finding out what they need and then having to go back and go get it and then bring it to them. They can just bring it with them when they come.

That’s really it. Responding to guest needs. And this just gives us an avenue to respond quicker and more efficiently.

How did AAC staff react to this new platform?

They love it. They love it. Before, they would have to wait until the supervisor was making their rounds to come around and tell them if they were having an issue. But now, they can get an immediate response and have the supervisor come to them. It gives them a voice. It gives them a platform to communicate for action items that they didn’t necessarily have before. So, it’s, it’s wonderful. They love it.

What would you say to arenas who are hesitant to try Real Time Feedback?

I would say try it. Try it and you will not be disappointed. The ease of it and the overall way that you are responding to your guests and to your employees makes people feel like you care. We care about your experience and not we just want to hear from you. But we not only do want to hear from you, we want to make it better for you. And that’s really what people want. They want to have a good experience.